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home sweet home

Every festival needs a home base!

For the month of June leading up to the W(here) Festival (June 26-30) we will be located on the bottom floor of the old Stonehouse building on Water Street in Pictou. Here, we will host volunteer meetings, media events and maybe even an art making workshop for youth! Its still a bit early yet, but when we’ve set up shop please feel free to stop in anytime to visit.

I may have gotten carried away on photoshop today, but check out the results! How would you imagine your perfect community meeting spot? An indoor garden like this one? Or how about a pictou county pizza oven and a room full of instruments? I bet Dave Gunning would like that space!

A big thank you to Karla MacFarlane for inviting this festival into her space at the old Stonehouse.


February Visit!

Wow! What a week it has been for the W(here) Festival in Pictou County. I arrived on Monday to check in and I have to say I am amazed at the enthusiasm for this event and really quite humbled by the support everyone is lending so far!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Beth Henderson and the Pictou Renaissance Society first and foremost. Together, we finished a grant application and shared many ideas of how we can continue collaborating on this project. Horray! In case you weren’t aware, the society is made up of a group of life-long residents who are developing strategies to invite early retirees to live in Pictou. Check out their website above!

Also, we had two fantastic meetings, one at Carvers Coffee House on February 16th. Brent our fabulous host took care of us, while the group talked about future art plans for Pictou County and more collaboration amongst local artists. Good ideas all around! The following day, we were at Pictou Academy, one of the local highschools here in the county, which is also celebrating its 200th year! Amazing! The PA Art Club was in full attendance and offered their suggestions and enthusiasm, hoping to participate in the festival in June.

I’d also like to give a special thank you to Luke Young, chair of the Pictou Business & Marketing Society and owner of Lucas Technology & Analytics who toured me around looking at potential spaces for a festival office. Thanks Luke! And to artists Raina McDonald, Rita Wilson, Dawn McNutt  for the fabulous conversations and company! Looking forward to seeing all of the submissions by local artists for the Walking in Place: Field Trips in Pictou County portion of the festival. If you would like to know more about submitting an idea for a walk, head on over to the Participate section of this website! Also if you are interested in learning how you can contribute to the festival, check out our sponsorship section, new perks have been added!

As always, questions are welcome! Can’t wait to return in May. See you soon!

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Hear Ye Year Ye!



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