Today’s Feature Event: Walking in Place Field Trips! (ongoing throughout the festival)

Walking in Place: Field Trips in Pictou County

Led by local community members and artists, 4 field trips will lead participants to various sites throughout Pictou County. Each location is transformed through storytelling, on-location performance and collaborative making. Through visiting local sites and listening to local stories, the goal of Walking in Place is to encourage new ways of thinking about “here”. Each walk is unique and devised by the artists themselves. Check out our event schedule for more information and driving directions here.

June 27 – 12pm-6pm – Walk 1 – Susan Sellers – “Following the Footsteps of an Unsung Heroine” – Pictou Island, NS

In Susan Sellers’ walk the artist mixes history and drama as we voyage by boat to Pictou Island to learn about the life of Margaret MacDonald, a nurse who lived on the island followed by a dramatic storytelling of the legend of the White Lady. Sellers, a writer, photographer and retired teacher has first hand knowledge of this community, having taught there for many years. (Space is limited, please contact 921 3373 for more info)

June 29 – 2pm-4pm – Walk 2 – Linda Little + Sheree Fitch – “From the Bridge” – River John, NS

In this adventure Sheree Fitch and Linda Little  lead a troupe along a stretch of the Jitney Trail to the old iron railway bridge just outside River John village. Both published authors, Linda and Sheree will read site-specific poetry and passages from their work that feature elements of the landscape around us. The old rail-bed and the bridge are transformed through story bringing new thinking about the physical structures and their metaphorical applications in art. Followed by tea and a small workshop.

June 30 – 9am-11am – Walk 3 –Raina McDonald “I AM HERE” – Brookland, NS

Gathered in an old overgrown foundation, Raina McDonald will invite us to explore the surrounding world (considering here as a specific geographical location with stories that create notions of past, present and future) along with the world within each of us (considering here as an intimate space within our bodies that we inhabit when we allow ourselves to be truly present). Rain or shine!  Dress in boots and rain gear if needed. This walk is approximately 2 hours on uneven ground and so likely not suitable for very young children.

June 30 – 4pm- Walk 4 – Sharon Nowlan “Where Sky Meets the Sea” – Waterside Beach, NS

In this excursion, Sharon Nowlan will lead a group to Waterside beach where she will share thoughts about her work that incorporates beach stones and pebbles as a main medium. As her work naturally begins with a walk on the beach, so will our adventure. Collecting stones together we will construct a large beach installation together as a group. This walk is open to all ages, families and friends. Afterwards, the results will be sent to the World Beach Project, an online database of beach-art hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).


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