Monthly Archives: July 2012

An amazing week!

W(here) we were and W(here) we are going! 

The W(here) Festival has officially closed, but the connections and memories we made together will continue in the many months ahead. The biggest of thanks to all of you who came out and participated in the festival’s events, discussions and artist projects. The level of passionate engagement was through the roof (if indeed we had one!).

I would like to welcome you to check back with this website from time to time to see its transformation from something which is going to happen, to something that did happen, and the potential for learning it may hold for future projects in the area.  One new section, for example, is our “Field Reports” section which houses first hand accounts by local residents of the W(here) Festival’s events. In addition, Marlene Creates’ project “Award Ribbons for Places in Pictou County” will be updated in the coming weeks with videos from each of the project’s participant talking about their special places. You too can add your own as well.

Please enjoy this slideshow of festival highlights!

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Finally I would like to thank the 17 artists of the W(here) Festival: Marlene Creates, Sheilah Wilson, David Craig, Katherine Knight, Raina McDonald, Sharon Nowlan, Susan Sellers, Linda Little & Sheree Fitch, Eliza Furnbach, Susan Tilsley Manley, Amanda MacDonald, Dawn MacNutt, St. Clair Prest, Carolyn Vienneau+ Fenn Martin and Al Tuck. As well, family and friends, the Pictou Renaissance Society, OCAD University, Rosemary Donegan, Katherine Dennis, Beth Henderson, Karla McFarlane, Marion and Gregg MacDonald, Luke Young and The Pictou Advocate.

This project could not have been possible without the support of the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, Pictou Business and Marketing Society, Gordon Chapman’s Plumbing and Heating as well as locational support from Carvers Coffeehouse and Studio, the Bayview Community Hall, Pictou Academy, Lee Tik Service Centre and the Palace Theatre

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