Award Ribbons for Places

Discover a new way of imagine this place we call Pictou County!

For this project, visiting artist Marlene Creates from Newfoundland invited participants of all ages to share some of their meaningful places in Pictou –– either natural or built ––  in order to reveal some of its invisible layers of meaning.

Participants created an award ribbon, which they installed in their chosen spot and a video was taken of their story.

Explore the map found here by clicking on the various blue markers. This map will be updated over the next few weeks with the participants in Marlene’s project happenign June 27-29 2012.

Do you want to add your special place?

1. Think about a place in Pictou County that is meaningful to you. How would you describe this place to a friend?

2.Write a short description of the place (50-100 words)

3. You may also film a short 1 minute clip of yourself at your chosen location and upload this video to youtube (directions how.) or vimeo (directions here.) If you’re not quite sure about this step, please feel free to contact the festival for help.

4. Send the description, photo,  link to video as well as the approximate address of your location to

5. An administrator will upload your awarded location to the map!

About the artist

Marlene Creates is an acclaimed environmental artist and poet who lives and works in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. For over thirty years her work has been an exploration of the relationship between human experience, memory, language and the land, and the impact they have on each other.


One thought on “Award Ribbons for Places

  1. […] Award Ribbons for Places was first and foremost, fun. There we were, a group of enthusiastic locals, making crafts at the […]

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