Field Reports

At the various events of the W(here) Festival, certain artists and residents were asked to document their experience at various events in a field report.  Many of the reporters were intimately involved in this project and so their perspective is incredibly valuable to new audiences happening upon this project in the future through this website.

The format of the report was up to its author and could have been a short written piece, a series of photographs, a reflection, a poem or maybe even a song! But the main idea would be to document this project in a number of ways, so that it would not live on solely through a single narrative of its organizers.

Please click on the links below:

Field Reporters for W(here) Festival

Linda Little and Sheree Fitch’s walk “From the Bridge” in River John –Bridges by Rita Wilson
Raina McDonald’s walk “I AM HERE” in Brookland – Field Report by Katherine Dennis
Susan Sellers’ walk “Following the Footsteps of an Unsung Heroine” on Pictou Island – Unexpected Artistic Discoveries by Amanda MacDonald
Sharon Nowlan’s walk “Where Sky Meets the Sea” at Waterside Beach – Field Report by Anna Kate Newman

Other projects
Marlene Creates’s project Award Ribbons for Places – Award Ribbons  by Sheilah Wilson
Sheilah Wilson’s project The Invisible in the Visible in River John – Field Report by Linda Little
David Craig & Katherine Knight’s presentation about the Maritime Packers cannery, and launch of Memory Factory – A Short Treatise about Maritime Packers by Bill MacDonald

Talk events:
kitchen party, local artist talks, and other thoughts –W(here) now?  by Amanda MacDonald
Here Today Here Tomorrow, town discussion – Phrases of Significance by St. Clair Prest


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